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A professional real estate firm that has experience in the Florida real estate market dealing with Distressed Properties (Bank Owned and Short Sale homes), the nuances of property contracts and negotiation techniques, an unmatched understanding of lending programs and guidelines, as well as anything and everything that it takes for you to purchase or sell your home! We have a long history of helping clients find the perfect home that suits their needs or for sellers looking to receive top dollar for their real estate holdings!

Our team consists of financiers, Distressed Property Experts, Certified Property Managers, as well as full time investors, contractors, and even interior designers so that you always know your transaction is handled with the utmost diligence and care. And remember, you'll want a REALTOR® who understands the convenience of technology without losing the personal touch.

Showcase Listings

  • Miramar

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A10019434_01.jpg

    $508,200 - A10019434
    Beds 6 Baths 4

  • Fort Lauderdale

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A2162485_01.jpg

    $519,900 - A2162485
    Beds 3 Baths 2

  • Hialeah

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A10023478_01.jpg

    $524,900 - A10023478
    Beds 4 Baths 4

  • Plantation

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A2211810_01.jpg

    $524,990 - A2211810
    Beds 5 Baths 3

  • Pembroke Pines

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A2205195_01.jpg

    $524,999 - A2205195
    Beds 4 Baths 3

  • Miramar

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A10006044_01.jpg

    $525,000 - A10006044
    Beds 5 Baths 3

  • Weston

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A1979238_01.jpg

    $529,000 - A1979238
    Beds 4 Baths 2

  • Coral Springs

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A10022445_01.jpg

    $529,900 - A10022445
    Beds 5 Baths 3

  • Miami Lakes

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A10020230_01.jpg

    $530,000 - A10020230
    Beds 4 Baths 3

  • Pembroke Pines

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A10011528_01.jpg

    $530,000 - A10011528
    Beds 5 Baths 3

  • Parkland

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A2203627_01.jpg

    $536,500 - A2203627
    Beds 4 Baths 3

  • Cooper City

    MLS# http://708-p-residential.myrealtynetmedia.com/A2147994_01.jpg

    $539,000 - A2147994
    Beds 4 Baths 3

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One-Way Ticket To New Development In Fort Lauderdale

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Miami's World Record Property Sale

By: Igor Shrayev   A 1.25-acre site on the Miami River at Biscayne Bay sold for a remarkable $125 million, a record high for a property of its size in South Florida! The property was marketed this April and caught the attention of Elite Miami, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. With...

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Miami-Dade Raises Property Taxes

By: Igor Shrayev Miami-Dade County commissioners voted to slightly raise the property-tax rate ceiling to avert library layoffs. Increase, however, won’t protect police, transit and other public services facing budget cuts. Under the commission plan, the overall county tax rate would go up by 0.75 percent compared to this year. Because that...

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Foreign Real Estate Sales are Booming in FLORIDA!

By: Igor Shrayev   Florida continues to top the nation as the state of choice among international real estate buyers, capturing 23 percent of sales transactions in the latest yearly report from the National Association of Realtors. Nationwide, foreign buyer purchases have jumped 35 percent for the year ending in March. Foreign sales...

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Hip New Real Estate...Urban Micro Condos with all Amenities at Your Fingertips!

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Five Questions You Should Answer Prior to Refinancing Your Home

  By: Igor Shrayev As tempting as current interest rates are, you may want to refinance your home to a lower rate. Here are five questions you should answer before you take the leap. 1. How long do you plan to stay in the home? It makes a big difference in recouping the cost...

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Flood Insurance Signed Into Law

President Obama has signed “The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act.”    On March 13, 2014, the United States Senate voted 72-22 to approve the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act (H.R. 3370). The Senate acted quickly to pass the bill as amended by the House to avoid the need for a conference committee...

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Is there a Housing Bubble Ready to Burst?

Is there a Housing Bubble Ready to Burst? Colin Robins  June 10, 2014    While many analysts are celebrating the slow and steady recovery of the housing market, an article by the borrower advice website LoanLove offers a different view of the current state of the United States housing market. The article cites economists who believe the...

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Mortgages Suffer from Misconception about Down Payments

Mortgages Suffer from Misconception about Down Payments Colin Robins  June 16, 2014  There's a pervasive view held by younger consumers when considering whether to purchase a home or not, according to Freddie Mac's Christina Boyle. She believes that consumers persistently overestimate the size of a down payment they need in order to finance a...

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